Top 3 Benefits of SMS Marketing

Top 3 Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing, while being one of the most potent marketing channels, is still being underutilised today. This most definitely comes as a surprise, because the go-to marketing channels and strategies used by marketers today such as email marketing, direct social marketing and display advertising are full of clutter, resulting in low return of investment for your marketing efforts. This is where SMS marketing comes in. Unaffected by clutter while enjoying an exclusive space on every screen, here is why SMS marketing is one of the best marketing channels out there.

Fast and Efficient

SMS Marketing is essentially using text messages as the medium of communication. Unlike emails and display advertising, text messages are single-minded. Furthermore, with character count requirements in play, your consumers will never be overwhelmed reading your text messages. With only words to work with, preparation time is relatively lower as well. If your objective is to maximise your reach in a quick and efficient manner, look no further than SMS marketing.

Most importantly, SMS applications always come pre-installed, and it is always the four most obvious app icons on our screens. Even if they missed the initial SMS notification, they will constantly be reminded by the SMS application icon indicating unread text messages.

High Awareness and Engagement

According to various sources, text messages have an open rate of 98% and a response rate of 45%. As dedicated marketers, you should know that those numbers are beyond amazing. Furthermore, consumers will have opened and read the text messages they received within the first 15 minutes, 97% of the time.

SMS marketing does not lose out in terms of engagement as well. Modern marketing campaigns are often centered around specially-designed landing pages used to achieve various objectives such as awareness, conversion and more. With SMS marketing, marketers have the luxury of including short codes and shortened URLs to those landing pages on the text message, turning them into Picture SMS or Interactive SMS. Given the exclusive space SMS notifications own, paired with the masterful craft of your SMS marketing materials, engagement rates will hit a new high.

Cost Effective

Mainstream marketing channels often price their advertising spaces based on their reputation and reach. Furthermore, the projected spending is always subject to change due to demand and audience targeting settings.

Moreover, SMS marketing can only be practiced upon consent of your customers. Consumers will have to agree to receiving SMS from your business, on top of providing their mobile number on their own free will. Therefore, SMS marketers aren't required to increase their budget in order to target specific groups of people, since their most potential prospects are already within reach. This translates into cost effectiveness and acquisition of high quality leads.

As a marketer that puts their brand's success above all, you should highly consider SMS marketing. It works perfectly fine as a standalone channel, but can also be part of your multi-channel marketing effort as it is extremely cost effective. Given how SMS applications are omnipresent on smartphones, you can always depend on SMS to reach your target audience anytime, anywhere. If you want to kick-start your SMS marketing efforts in Malaysia, and are in need of a provider with a proven track record, look no further than One Way SMS. Connect with us now for more information.