SMS Marketing Amidst The COVID 19 Pandemic

SMS Marketing Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of recent global events, SMS marketing has been outperforming most of its marketing counterparts in terms of efficiency and reach. Case in point: the Malaysian government's timely reminders, tips, and updates of the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia sent via SMS, bypassing the internet and appearing on an exclusive space on everyone's mobile phones. As marketers, isn't it our dream to achieve our marketing goals through cost-effective means? With SMS marketing, corporations are able to personally communicate with their consumers, one-on-one, anytime, any day at a low cost. Here are specific examples of how SMS marketing is universally-viable.


Governments have the responsibility of keeping everyone in the know, especially with the global pandemic in the picture. While social media platforms and online news portals are commonly used to disseminate information among urbanites, we should not forget that such platforms require an internet connection, and also a smartphone, which isn't something that everyone will be able to afford. Fortunately, SMS marketers are able to reach both ends of the spectrum effortlessly with Bulk SMS or Blast SMS services. Therefore, the government is able to keep the public well-informed on the latest statistics and the ever-evolving precautionary steps imposed by the local authorities. This includes the changes to the various COVID-19 and Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) rulings and standard operating procedures. Most importantly, the government is able to share crucial tips and best practices quickly and effectively.

Retail Brands

Statistics suggest that 65% of consumers prefer to shop directly from their phone. This means that a majority of consumers will be happy to receive their purchase details over the phone, such as parcel delivery status, confirmation of order, etc. For retail brands with an e-commerce store readily set up, SMS marketing will bring a myriad of advantages such as being able to provide timely updates on their consumers' parcel status. There's also the SMS-chatbot integration feature that promotes efficient customer support over the phone, equipping retail brands with the tools to effortlessly build and grow customer relationships and loyalty through after sales support.

Healthcare Providers

Today, it is more important than ever for healthcare providers to be on top of appointments and follow-ups, given the COVID-19 situation. With Bulk SMS or Blast SMS services, healthcare providers can easily schedule and confirm appointment statuses with their clients. This significantly reduces the percentage of no-shows while serving as an avenue to encourage further interaction throughout the treatment period, such as sending out SMSes to check on the condition of their clients or patients. Furthermore, if there any types of updates or useful information, healthcare providers can always use SMS marketing to disseminate such information.

All in all, SMS marketing has always been effective and full of potential, and with how the global marketing scene has evolved, SMS marketing is now a force to be reckoned with. With affordable rates paired with high reach, making it worthwhile investing your ad dollars into Bulk SMS or Blast SMS services for your business. If you didn't know already, SMS can contain more than just ordinary text. One Way SMS is one of the leading SMS marketing solution providers in Malaysia, offering different variations of SMS services including Interactive SMS. For more information, contact us!